In 2000, the Singapore Trade Development Board set-up an alumni called TDB Society to facilitate interaction between ex-employees and existing staff and management of TDB.

In 2002, TDB was restructured to form International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and took on a new mandate of helping Singapore-based companies venture overseas. This led to TDB Society being re-named TDB-ie Society with not much changes to its profile. 11 years later in 2013, TDB-ie Society was renamed to IE Singapore Society and the Society’s focus was to create a platform for business networking opportunities.

In 2018, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and SPRING Singapore (SPRING) were merged as one entity to form Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) to champion enterprise growth. This was to keep pace with the constant rapid change of the world involving technical disruption to companies, industries and the way we do business. Under this environment, companies need to act nimbly and integrate capability building, innovation, and internationalisation in their strategies to prepare their businesses for the future.

Consequently, IE Singapore (IE) Society became known as Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) Society and our role is to support Enterprise Singapore in their mission to develop and grow enterprises by leveraging on Society’s former employees’ expertise in the markets and industry sectors.

The EnterpriseSG Society is about the ex-employees of ENTERPRISE SINGAPORE, IE SINGAPORE, TDB and SPRING, all of whom have taken different pathways to be entrepreneurs, incubators, futurists, senior management working at local SMEs and MNCs, professors teaching at universities, amongst others. Even though these members are in different lives’ directions, they retained the same mission of continuously adding value to the development of Singapore based enterprises and indirectly building Singapore economy.

Our Mission

We foster interactions and encourage dialogues to create opportunities for business, learning and societal impact among alumni, Enterprise Singapore and Industry Leaders.

ONE TEAM Framework

The Executive Committee (EXCO) of EnterpriseSG Society is consist of various teams playing their respective roles formed under the ‘ONE TEAM’ framework that stands for:


To foster closer integration between EnterpriseSG, EnterpriseSG Society and business community by recognising that EnterpriseSG is our parent. EnterpriseSG Society will continue to be closely aligned to EnterpriseSG’s core mission and purpose.


To develop a strategic partnership and collaborations with stakeholders such as the associations and business communities to enlarge the Society's external ecosystem to create value for its members, and build up a supportive internal ecosystem for EnterpriseSG Society and EnterpriseSG.


To organise relevant and meaningful events for members and sponsors at Flagship events, Social events and Learning events.


To leverage on the experience and expertise of Society's members and it's network of collaborators to create “Learn and Share” opportunity, within EnterpriseSG Society, EnterpriseSG and SMEs community.


To work towards a sustainable Society through membership growth, sponsorships and event revenue. The EXCO agrees that though the Society's objective is not to be profit-driven, it should aim to have a cost-recovery mindset moving forward.


To build up the communications capability to actively share value proposition and activities of the Society with its members and the business community.


To continue to grow membership base and increase engagement with members, in order that they become advocates of EnterpriseSG Society and EnterpriseSG.