Different Pathways,

Same Mission

Enterprise Singapore Society (EnterpriseSG Society) is about the ex-employees of ENTERPRISE SINGAPORE (EnterpriseSG), INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE SINGAPORE (IE), SPRING SINGAPORE (SPRING) and SINGAPORE TRADE DEVELOPMENT BOARD (TDB), all of whom have taken different pathways to be entrepreneurs, incubators, futurists, senior management working at local SMEs and MNCs, professors teaching at universities, amongst others. Even though these members are in different lives’ directions, they retained the same mission of continuously adding value to the development of Singapore based enterprises and indirectly building Singapore economy.

Different Pathways, Same Mission

At Enterprise Singapore Society, we believe in developing and building a diverse ecosystem of progressive entrepreneurs and organisations. Our events are designed to support professional development, corporate growth opportunities and creativity.


The Fireside Chat series provides an exclusive opportunity for members to interact in a more personal space and get up close with prominent leaders and trailblazers in the corporate world.


A series of workshops that focus specifically on regional and global business challenges and solutions.


Get updates on growth opportunities and be matched with market experts, regional business partners while gaining invaluable insights about taking your business overseas.

“In order for Singapore to remain a vibrant economy with opportunities for our businesses and good jobs for our people, we all have an important role to play. The government, the research institutions, our SMEs, our local enterprises, our workers must work closely with one another so that we can continue to stay ahead of the competition."

Mr Chan Chun Sing

Minister for Trade & Industry, Singapore (2018 to 2021)

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Apart from joining as a member, there are different ways of contributing and engaging with our business communities. We welcome expertise from different sectors to share knowledge as well as aspiring business students to volunteer.


Corporate and Individual memberships are available. Enhance your business network now.


Gain access to a programme dedicated to getting your business ahead. From essential insights to coaching advice.


Contributing to our activities provide invaluable business experience and networking opportunities.